Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Album: Heroes Are Hard To Find
Label: Reprise
Catalog: MS 2196
Year: 1974
Designer: Des Strobel
Photographer: Herbert Worthington
Grade: * star



This is one of those covers where you have to wonder what the record company was thinking about. Hum, let's slap a cover of a young Mick Fleetwood prominently showing
off his rib cage to the audience - that'll excite the buying public. I'm thinking not.  Admittedly the kid at Fleetwood's feet was cute (I'm guessing it was one of his offspring).  Still, if you were going for the cute concept, wouldn't you have wanted to slap a cover of the young Christine McVie on the cover - personally I would much rather have seen her ribs that Fleetwood's ...

So as an out of shape guy in my mid-'50s I'm in no position to point a finger at anyone. On the other hand I know I'm an out of shape guy in my '50s and I would never dream of  subjecting folks to this kind of a display ...  nobody needs to see a Scott B. on display like this !!!

That said, the album did hit the top-40 in the States and Fleetwood did have an affair with the young Stevie Nicks so what do I know about rock and roll ...


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