Sunday, July 28, 2013


Artist: Hotgun
Album: Hotgun

Label: Guinness
Catalog: GNS 36014
Year: 1977
Designer: not listed
Artist: not listed
Grade: **** stars
Most releases on the Guinness tax scam label didn't carry design credits (or even performance credits) and this 1977 release is no exception.  So first let me say I'm not some kind of gun nut.  I don't have a gigantic collection in my home, nor do I worship at the feet of the NRA. In fact, as the parent of two young sons, the subject matter is a bit troubling.  That said, the cover has a distinctive '70s feel that's always reminded me of something Ray Lichtenstein might have done which gives it a certain "wow" factor.  Guinness certainly didn't spend a lot of money on the cover art and in many respects the artwork is better than the music.  

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