Saturday, September 21, 2019


Artist: Eric Burdon and the Animals
Album Title: Eric Is Here
Label: MGM
Catalog: SE 4433
Year: 1967
Genre: rock
Grading: VG+ cover / VG+ LP
Sleeve design: Acy Lehman
Concept: Nancy Reiner
Cover photo: not applicable
Grade: * star

Ouch - where do you even start?  I'm guessing that while the rest of the band may have been a little upset with Eric Burdon hogging the media spotlight and effectively taking over The Animals nameplate, in the wake of this horrible album cover, they might have been a little less upset knowing their pictures were plastered on the cover.  

Not that I am particularly artsy, but you can't help but think that if this had been submitted as a 9th grade art project, you might have recommended a do-over.

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