Tuesday, September 17, 2013



Artist: Robert Wortherspoon
Album: Music To Massage Your Mate By

Label: ALA

Catalog: ALA004
Year: 1976
Art Designer: Robert Wortherspoon
Photographer: Robert Wortherspoon
Grade: **** stars

My wife gets credit for bringing this one to my attention.    So this one gets high marks for the creepiness factor - the guy just looks like a child molester.   Released by the Los Angeles-based ALA label, the record was marketed as an instructional item, complete with a detailed and rather explicit instructional manual insert ...   The music was credited to Deny McReynolds and Rue Barclay (hopefully that wasn't them on the cover).  Geez, it's enough to make you think about looking into becoming celibate.


Artist: Timebox
Album: The Original Moose On the Loose

Label: Peters International

Catalog: CCLPS 9016
Year: 1977
Art Designer: Don Munz
Photographer: Don Munz
Grade: **** stars

Featuring the talents of the late Ollie Halsall and Mike Patto, Timebox were always quirky. As an example, how many bands do you know of that recorded and released a single about a Martian invasion of Earth ('Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye')?   In this case the album title and Don Munz designed cover do a good job of capturing the band's weird sense of humor.  Personally I love it ...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Artist: Sandy Denny
Album: Sandy

Label: A&M

Catalog: SP 4371
Year: 1972
Art Designer: not listed
Photographer: David Bailey
Grade: **** stars

I'll readily admit I'm not a gigantic fan of English folk-rock, but I make an exception for the late Sandy Denny.  There's just something special in her voice - not to sound hyper-sensitive, or anything, but the woman could sing a phonebook listing and make you sit up and take notice.   From what little I've read about her life, Denny was a tough, if highly troubled woman.  I've seen photos of her where she looks like she could take care of herself in any brawl.   And maybe that's one of the things that makes the David Bailey album cover so stunning.   Not only did Bailey managed to capture a stunning picture of Denny (she really does look gorgeous), but she looks peaceful, relaxed, and comfortable on the album cover.    

For anyone interested, the British National Portrait Gallery will sell you an unframed copy for about $20: