Monday, November 11, 2019


Artist: Pam Windo and the Shades
Title: It
Label: Bearsville
Catalog: BRK 3497
Year: 1981
Genre: new wave
Concept: Bruce Marion
Cover art: Bruce Marion
Grade: * star

Song-for-song "It" may be one of the most irritating albums I've ever heard. The combination of Pam Windo's flat,Germanic-flavored vocals and the band's penchant for atonal song structures with plenty of honking saxophones was best described as headache inducing. Hard to provide an apt description, but imagine the worst of Nina Hagen  and James Chance and the Whites and you'll be in the right neighborhood.  Definitely an album that qualifies for clear-out-the-end-of-the-party status. The hideous Bruce Marion album cover certainly didn't help matters.

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