Saturday, November 30, 2019


Artist: The Ray Charles Singers
Title: Songs for Latin Lovers
Label: Command
Catalog: RS 886 SD
Year: 1965
Genre: easy listening
Art Direction: Charles E. Murphy
Cover art:  D. Pezza
Grade: ***** star

I bought an album on-line and the seller included this album as a throw-away stiffener intended to protect the album I'd purchased.  Yeah, this kind of easy listening stuff doesn't hit my turntable very often, but  the album cover was enough to convince me to give it a spin.  And while the music was bland, MOR stabs at cool Latin moves, the cheerful cover continues to make me smile.  Now if I could only figure out who the artist was.  The liner notes have pages and pages of technical information on the recording process, but other than the artists name written in cursive on the cover, there's no information on the artist.  I've stared at the signature for a long time and still can't make it out.  Anyone out there ???

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