Sunday, August 18, 2013


Artist: Tyrone Davis
Album: Tyrone Davis' Greatest Hits

Label: Dakar

Catalog: DK 76902
Year: 1972
Designer: not listed
Photographer: not listed
Grade: **** stars

In the early 1970s the Brunswick/Dakar family of labels was encountering major financial difficulties and in an apparent effort to generate some quick cash, released a string of "Greatest Hits" packages, including this set by Tyrone Davis.   Brunswick/Dakar clearly didn't bother to spend much money on the artistic side of the enterprise given all of the albums featured the same basic design - a slew of "gold" records  splayed against a black backdrop with some very '70s font stylings.  I have to admit the anonymous design is so bad it actually grabs your attention ...

And for anyone interested, the album itself is quite good, collecting a slew of Davis' late-'60s and early-'70s hits and non-hits.   The guy certainly had a fantastic soul voice and I dare you to sit still through something as good as 'Turn Back the Hands of Time', or 'Can I Change My Mind'.

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