Sunday, August 30, 2015


Artist: Mavis Staples
Album: We'll Never Turn Back
Label: Anti
Catalog: 86830-2
Year: 2007
genre: soul
grading: VG+ cover / VG+CD
quantity: 1
Photographer: David Bartlett
Designer:  --
Grade: **** stars

 Born in 1959, I was simply too young to have been actively aware of the mid-'60s struggle for equal rights.  That said, this is one of those rare album covers that instantly grabbed me and simply made me think ...  Surrounded by tear gas and chaos, can you imagine how much courage and faith these two young women must have had?  I've frequently wondered who they were and what became of them.  I can only hope life proved kind to them and I can only pray that if ever tested, I'd be blessed with as much strength and courage.     

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