Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Artist: Larry Coryell / Alphonse Mouzon
Title: Back Together Again
Label: Atlantic
Catalog: SD18220
Year: 1977
Genre: jazz
Art Direction: Bob Defrin
Cover art:  Roger Huyssen
Grade: **** stars

Okay, the jazzy tunes don't do much for my ears, but Roger Huyssen's playful cover always makes me smile.  The man's responsible for a dazzling array of commercial art including commercials  (he's worked for Coke and M&M),movies, as well as designng over 50 album covers. Most are for jazz artists, but there are some exceptions,  including a couple of the iconic Boston LPs and James Brown's "Sex Machine Today".

He has an interesting website at: http://www.rogerhuyssen.com/

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