Sunday, December 20, 2015


Artist: Oingo Boingo
Album: Only a Lad
Label: IRS
Catalog: 14863-1
Year: 1981
Genre: rock
Grading: VG+ cover / VG+ LP
Quantity: SOLD
Cover Designer:  Paul Mussa 
Artist:  Chris Hopkins
Grade: **** stars

I have a younger son who is a Boy Scout, so this one's got kind of a personal connection.  That said, I never quite got the concept which shows the character seemingly morphing from some sort of "creature" into a Scout.  Imagine a Norman Rockwell scene on meds.

I found a link to Hopkins' website where he actually mentions the cover: "I don't believe that I have painted anything particularly famous but I still receive email and other correspondence about the Styx "Paradise Theater" album cover art and cover art for Oingo Boingo's album "Only A Lad." I find this both funny and disturbing since I painted both of those 27 years ago and I hope that I have improved since then. However, lovers of old theatres and Styx fans really aren't interested in anything else that I've painted. I also did the theme art for Super Bowls 20, 21, and 23, and the movie marquee art for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and they're really well known."

For anyone interested, here's a link to his website:

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