Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Artist: Chubby Checker
Title: For Twisters Only
Label: Parkway
Catalog: P 7002
Year: 1960
Genre: soul
Cover Design: unknown
Cover photo:  unknown
Grade: ** stars

I'm not a big Chubby Checker fan and didn't even realize I owned this album until I was filing away a pile of vinyl that had been sitting under my desk for a year.  Musically this set isn't anything to get excited about - just another entry in the seemingly endless caravan of early-'60s albums intended to ride on the Twist dance craze.  The album cover isn't really an better until you take a close look at the map and realize the designer apparently failed out of Geography 101,  Among the states missing in action - Mississippi, Louisiana, most of New England ...  Maybe twisters wiped them off the map?  Elsewhere state borders were simply realigned without much attention.  Who knew Maryland was such a big place?  Not sure, but it made me smile.

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