Sunday, December 29, 2019


Artist: Eddie Harris
Title: Come On Down
Label: Atlantic
Catalog: SD 1554
Year: 1970
Genre: jazz
Cover Design: Loring Eutemey
Cover photo:  Loring Eutemey
Grade: *** stars

Having just posted a Loring Eutemey cover as a favorite, why not another one?  

So, I'm not a gigantic jazz fan.  It's a genre I've tried to get into (just like I've tried to cultivate a taste for wine), but like wine, the results have been disappointing.  Beer please ...  

I guess my musical tastes are just too lowbrow to get most jazz.  That  said, this 1970 album us actually surprisingly funky - kind of a Stax-meets-jazz vibe on tracks like 'Don't You Know Your future's In Space' and 'Live Right Now'.  And the cover is just plain strange.  No idea what the concept was, but the juxtaposition of an orange on sax player Hariss' head was eye catching.  Did I mention how strange it was?

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