Thursday, November 22, 2012


Artist: Coldwater Stone

Album: Defrost Me
Label: GSF
Catalog: GSF-S-1010
Year: 1973
Designer: Barney/Van
Photographer: not applicable
Design artist: Barney/Van
Grading: * stars

So, I'll highlight any album art work that attracts my attention - the good, the bad, and the ugly ...   And today's entry is prime fodder for the latter category. 

The late Freddy Briigs is well know to soul fans as a writer, producer, and performer (under the name Coldwater Stone).  He was also supposedly married to soul singer Kimberley Briggs.  Anyhow, in 1973 Briggs stepped out with a solo album on Lloyd Price's New York-based GSF.  The album's actually quote good, showcasing Briggs gruff Swamp Dogg-styled voice.  Unfortunately you can't say the same thing about the Barney/Van designed album cover.  I have no idea who Barney/Van were, but I somehow doubt their bizarre concept showing a block of ice with a human heart superimposed over a set of crouching fishnet stocking clad female legs, did a lot to spur on album sales.

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