Wednesday, December 25, 2019


Artist: The Bee Gees
Title: Odessa
Label: ATCO
Catalog: SD 2-702
Year: 1969
Genre: pop
Cover Design: unknown
Cover photo:  unknown
Grade: **** stars

The Bee Gees at their most over-the-top, 1969's "Odessa" is one of those albums that you'll love, or hate with a passion. Personally I'm a fan of their attempts to get deep and heavy.  Add to that, it was a double album concept piece - the title track's plot line apparently having something to do with the story of a disappearing ship.  Elsewhere there were all sorts of oddball detours, including a nod to Thomas Edison ("Edison")..

Anyhow, the reason this one makes the list has to do with the cover.  ATCO marketing must have a fit when the Gibbs decided they wanted to package this collection in a red, pseudo-velvet cover with gold imprints.  Yeah, it made for an impressive package.  Reissues did away with the velvet material.

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