Sunday, January 19, 2020


Artist: Lime
Title: Your Love
Label: Manta
Catalog: WLP-1026
Year: 1981
Genre: disco
Cover Design: Michael Gray
Cover photo:  Michael Gray
Grade: * star

Denis and Denyse Lepage were the faces of the Montreal-based duo Lime.  I'm not a big disco fan so I don't know a great deal about them, but based on a couple of their YouTube videos, I will say they deserve credit for showing that average looking (and talented) folks could enjoy some recognition on the music scene - well, at least in early-'80s Quebec.  Geez, who knew Quebec had an early-'80s disco scene?

The bizarre cover is what caught my attention.  Initially I thought the cover art featured one of the strangest looking guys I'd ever seen dressed in drag.  It's actually a heavily made-up Denyse.  Curiously, the liner notes credited Denyse's make-up artists, as well as the folks responsible for the bizarre outfit she was wearing.  Elsewhere, Denyse's sheer blouse displayed a little more of her anatomy than one might have expected.  

Anyone curious about the pair can find them lip-synching the title track at:  

Let me warn everyone that Denyse's shrill, little girl voice and Denis' flat delivery make for an acquired taste.

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