Sunday, December 9, 2012

CURTIS MAYFIELD and Ernie Barnes

Artist: Curtis Mayfield
Album: And Here's Soemthing To Believe In
Label: RSO
Catalog: RS-1-3077
Year: 1980
Designer: Glenn Ross
Photographer: not applicable
Design artist: Ernie Barnes
Grade: **** stars

1980's "And Here's Something To Believe In" is one of those Curtis Mayfield albums that seems to have skirted by without a lot of notice.  Shame, since the album includes several classic tunes (Tripping Out'').  

That said, the late Ernie Barnes cool cover painting is what initially caught my attention.  Barnes has had his work featured on a number of albums (Donald Byrd's "125th Street NYC", B.B. King's "Making Love Is Good for You", Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" Faith Hope and Charity's self titled LP), but this is the cover that I find the most mesmerizing.  There's just something mesmerizing in Barnes painting of a female DJ.  I've spent hours looking at the work's details.   I think the painting was titled "Late Night DJ", but I'm not certain.  Anyone out there know ?

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