Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LES SINNERS - Perhaps the cover had something to do with why this was Les Sinners last studio LP

Artist: Les Sinners
Album: Le Chemin de Croix de Jos Roy
Label: CBS
Catalog: PFS 90383
Year: 1976
Designer: Daniel Poulin
Photographer: Daniel Poulin
Design artist: not applicable
Grade: * star (disturbing)

I'm a big fan of the Canadian band Les Sinners, but have to admit this 1976 release was a surprise to me.  I found it at a yard sale and originally wasn't even sure it was by the same band.  The strange title which seemingly translates as "The Way of the Cross for Jis Roy", coupled with bizarre, semi-religious artwork (a hand seemingly rising from the grave), didn't exactly make for an inviting package.  I'll let you be the judge.   By the way, anyone out there know what the plotline was on the album ?   The lyrics are in French and I've never been able to find a review that explains the story line.

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