Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Artist: Juicy Lucy

Album: Juicy Lucy
Label: ATCO
Catalog: SD 33-325
Year: 1969
Designer: Peter Smith
Photographer: Peter Smith
Design artist: not applicable
Grade: *** stars

Ah, let's talk about the infamous cover on Juicy Lucy's self titled album ...  The original UK cover featured a somewhat haggard looking exotic dance by the name of Zelda Plum artlessly spread out on a bed of fruit.  The funny thing is that what was seemingly intended as an erotic cover came off as anything but ...

 Clearly concerned about American consumer sensibilities (we Americans still subscribe to those Puritan ethics), ATCO management elected to give the album's US release a toned down cover.  Basically photo shopping additional fruit on Plum's body so that all that was left was her head, the US cover was certainly racy for the late-1960s, though nowhere near as attention drawing as the UK version.  

Personally I've always felt bad for the fruit.  Seemed like a massive waste of good produce.  Really about all you can say is shame on the band for exhibiting such poor tastes and hopefully Ms. Plum went on to more rewarding experiences.

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