Thursday, November 7, 2019


Artist: Climax Blues Band
Title: Tightly Knit
Label: Sire
Catalog: SASD 7517
Year: 1972
Genre: blues-rock
Concept: Hipgnosis
Cover art: Hipgnosis
Grade: * star

Having just picked a Climax Blues Band LP as a favorite cover ("Stamp Album"), I'll balance it out with this appalling and bland cover.  Yeah, the English design company Hipgnosis is known for their interesting album covers, but there's nothing interesting, or even appealing on this one unless you happened to be a major fan of Uncle Festus (of Adams Family fame).  This was another one where you had to wonder what the band's management company was thinking.  "Yeah, let's put a scary cover on the album and watch it sell like hotcakes ..."

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