Sunday, November 10, 2019


Artist: Hot Butter
Title: Popcorn
Label: Musicor
Catalog: MS 3242
Year: 1972
Genre: pop / synthesizers
Concept: not listed
Cover art: not listed
Grade: ***** star

I was 13 when this song hit the airwaves at it's one of my first "pop" radio memories.  I can actually clearly recall hearing it on AFN radio while my family loved in Germany.  The synthesizer sound was groundbreaking at the time - if you've never heard the tune, imagine early Atari game sound effects taken to the nth degree.

Ironically I didn't see a copy of the parent album until I was in my 20s.  I stumbled across a copy at a yard sale and was instantly taken by the low-tech concept artwork.  Yes, Musicor marketing took the time to glue a real popcorn box to the cover of each copy of the album.  

And if you haven't heard the tune, YouTube has multiple clips of the song, though this one's worth seeing just for the French dancers trying to figure out what to do with the bizarre track.  The panel of music "experts" at the end of the clip appear to be even more confused.

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