Monday, November 11, 2019


Artist: Hotgun
Title: Hotgun
Label: Guinness
Catalog: GNS 36014
Year: 1977
Genre: rock
Concept: not listed
Cover art: not listed
Grade: **** star

I'm not a gun rights fanatic and I didn't pick this tax scam obscurity to make any kind of political statement.  I simply like the bright colors and the Roy Lichtenstein styled pop-art cover.  Like most tax scam labels, Guinness frequently didn't bother to credit the artists who recorded the music, so why would they bother paying anyone for cover art ?  Needless to say, the limited liner notes don't offer up a clue as to whom was responsible for the art concept, or execution.  Shame, since the art was far better than this clumsy collection of popular and less popular pop and rock hits - John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Wings, Starland Vocal Band Steppenwolf ...

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